What Are The Latest Trends For “Doing Well By Doing Good”?

Find out by listening to our conversation with returning guest, Karen Eber Davis, author of the new ebook,100+ Questions to Ask Before You Invest In a Nonprofit Organization, as well as 7 Nonprofit Income Streams: Open the Floodgate to Sustainability. She is also President of  Karen Eber Davis Consulting, which helps businesses use philanthropy as a propulsion tool to grow their profits and performance.


In This Episode, You’ll Find Out About: 

  1. How strategic philanthropy is strengthening communities and  increasing ROI for businesses
  2. 3 case studies illustrating different aspects of this emerging trend
  3. The top 3 questions to ask before you invest in a nonprofit organization

Source: http://businessadvance.com/growth-igniters-radio/growth-igniters-radio-episode-59/