Amazon FBA branding is key to CREATING A BUSINESS YOU CAN SELL. We cover how to come up with a brand name for Amazon, how to private label products for Amazon FBA which usually come from Alibaba. 🟠 Follow us on Instagram @officialdanrodgers

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We dive into how to create a brand name for Amazon, specifically your Amazon store name, also called your seller name or display name. We also cover domain names and trademarking which will be essential for brand registry. By the end of this tutorial, you’ll be able to come up with strong Amazon FBA business name ideas using an automated business name generator and some creativity. The brand name Amazon FBA sellers use is a crucial differentiator, particularly as competition increases in 2021. It also adds a lot of value to your branded products and business as a whole.

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00:00 – Intro
00:34 – Come up with your brand name
06:53 – Check domain & social availability
07:56 – Check trademarkability
11:18 – Get domain name & email
14:28 – Set your Amazon store name
15:33 – Create your logo
21:36 – Create your website

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In this Amazon FBA private label 2020 session, we covered how to come up with a brand name for Amazon as well as how to private label products from Alibaba. An important distinction is the Amazon Seller Name vs Brand Name. We create a brand name for Amazon, an Amazon store name, go through how to gain a domain name as well as why trademarking is important and essential for brand registry. Using a business name generator, you can come up with Amazon FBA business name ideas, then create your private label logo using a free service. The brand name Amazon FBA sellers use is very important in setting your product apart from others and is even more crucial as competition is on the rise in 2020. This will take both, you branded products and business to a new level.



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