Currently, with the extraordinary situation that we are experiencing due to the appearance of the Covid-19 in the world, most businesses have had to reinvent themselves and begin to pass most of their work activity to the Internet so that customers can continue to see their products and consume them with the same regularity. And what is the primary tool that any online business needs to grow? Good SEO optimization and choosing between paid or organic traffic.

To date, most successful businesses with a stable online platform have opted for paid search traffic; that is, they use Google ads and buy the clicks on the search engines’ result pages. Most of the traffic ends up being redirected to their website. Is this strategy no longer acceptable? No, it is still useful and always gives good results to those who invest their capital in it, but the truth is that the trend is changing. Since the pandemic exploded, organic traffic is gaining a lot of popularity.

The need to digitize all the content generated by the virus, whether you are a large or small company or simply an individual trying to make some money with your services, has made many people opt for an alternative free of charge and has shown that with a good marketing strategy behind it can also work and make the competition to search for traffic better paid.

Next, intending to help all those businesses that don’t know very well how to keep their website growing without paying money for it, we will explain to them the best tricks to get there using only the free tools that today’s organic traffic offers.

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How to Increase Organic Search Traffic 

Increase Organic Search Traffic

Choosing the right keywords 

Did you know that Google analyzes up to 200 different factors before positioning each website in its search results? Yes, as you hear more than 200 different elements that can make a website rank ahead of another in a matter of minutes or fall into oblivion, and no one will ever know of their existence.

And what is possibly the essential factor that any website should know to have a quality SEO? Keywords. Having quality keywords is the success tool of millions of businesses, so it is worth spending some time researching which are the best keywords for our website and which are the ones that will make us look better in the results and have less competition. 

Keyword research has been around since the time this term was invented, so you won’t have any trouble finding a way to analyze which are the main competitors they have in the main search engines, find out which are the keywords they have chosen, and devise your strategy so that when you launch your website in the search engine, it will be positioned ahead of all of them.

Of course, context is also essential, and the quality of the content, since a keyword in the middle of many meaningless words will have the same effect as not having any. You will have to find a balance between content writing and search engine strategy, that’s all.

Increase Organic Search Traffic

Correctly Include Each Keyword

On a website, SEO experts call “hot spots,” that is, places where your keyword will have twice as much effect as if you decide to place it randomly anywhere in the text of your website. This shows that finding out which are the best keywords for your website is not enough to be successful, but that you have to go further and create an effective strategy where your content generates twice as much traffic as other similar pages.

Here is a list of the hot spots where we should always try to enter our keywords:
Between the first 150 words of our article and the last 50
In the URL of the page
Main title of the website ( h1 ) and subtitles ( H2 and H3 )
In the meta description

SEO experts recognize that our chances of success in the major search engines are very high by using these hot spots and competitive keywords. Simultaneously, there is nothing that can certify that businesses always get what they want using all these tools. It is a statistic based on the probability and performance of organic internet traffic. As such, it can always have variants where success does not occur.

Increase Organic Search Traffic

Create Innovative Product Descriptions

How many cosmetic product pages can there currently be on the Internet? And of pet food products? Hundreds of thousands, right? How will we get a person to decide to keep our products and not those advertised by another website that sells the same thing? Through different, deep, and detailed product descriptions.

Having a website wholly dedicated to selling products has as its main disadvantage the little space it leaves to developers to write descriptions of each product, resulting in large catalogs of all types of products with very colorful photographs and a few short descriptions, and lack of information.

That’s why, if you want your online store to make a difference and manage to sell twice as many products as its main competitors, you will have to make an effort to improve that aspect: detailed descriptions full of useful information that will help the consumer decide if that product is the one he is looking for.

It is also essential that you consider that when search engines detect duplicate or very similar content between two web pages, they penalize them, making their position in the SERP drop dramatically and making it much more difficult to classify among the main results. Therefore, try to spend more time creating product descriptions than any other similar web page has, explaining in depth what others only name above and providing essential information to choose between one product or another.

Another handy trick that will make Google look good on you is to include real testimonials and opinions from people who have already bought this product. After all, the description is a copy that we must make of each product distributor’s information about a specific product.

Still, the testimonials and ratings from real people are unique information that will make your website visitors stay longer on your site and consider it much more reliable and useful. So don’t hesitate to use this resource to gain positions against your main competitors, and you will come out winning.

Seo For Ecommerce

A good User Experience

How many times have you abandoned a website because it took too long to open? And how many times have you preferred to enter another website because their website offered you a much more comfortable and faster navigation experience? Indeed many, right? Well, that’s precisely what you should avoid happening to your website visitors.

The loading speed of a web page and the positioning it has in the main search engines are related, being essential that all those sites looking to succeed first make sure that their web page has an optimal navigation speed, otherwise nobody will want to visit it, and it will fall into oblivion.

Seo For Ecommerce

These are the main factors on which a user’s experience on a website will depend:

  • Intuitive and attractive web design for all types of users
  • Having a website available for mobile devices
  • The loading speed of all contents and the home page
  • Pleasant and uniform aesthetics in all web sections

Also, if our website is a page specialized in the online sale of all kinds of products and services, our page’s loading speed becomes even more critical and will make the difference between having income or not. The reason? Because when customers do not understand a website or have to wait too long to be able to advance in their search, they decide to abandon it and look for the product elsewhere, which will cause the website to have no sales and on top of that get a bad reputation among the public.

In conclusion, nowadays it is possible to be successful on the Internet without having to pay for it, since despite living a world pandemic that is causing the ruin of millions of businesses, the organic traffic and the need to continue acquiring products of all types is something that does not stop gaining popularity and that if they are combined correctly can give many joys to those desperate entrepreneurs.

Therefore, do not hesitate to practice all the tricks that we have explained to you throughout this article. You will see that success on the Internet does not always depend on the money you invest in it but on applying an adequate marketing strategy.

“Outstanding people have one thing in common: an absolute sense of mission. ” Zig Ziglar
“Nothing happens until something moves.” Albert Einstein
“The path to success is to take massive, determined actions.” – Tony Robbins. 


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Top Tips You Need to Start Your Online Business

At this moment in time, Jeff Bezos remains the richest man in the world, with his net worth assessed at nearly $200 billion. There is one fact that you might not know, he did not start his empire in Silicon Valley, but rather in his basement.

Grasping the importance of technological advances, businesses now shift their focus to e-commerce. Online sales are no longer new, and they do make a good start.Word Art crc

The competition is even more fierce, now that people need no brick-and-mortar store to sell, so you had better be well prepared.

If you try searching “how to start an online business successfully,” you will see hundreds of millions of Google results.

Google’s algorithms certainly include a volume of irrelevant suggestions, but the first few pages already serve to answer your question.

Now, the main problem is, do you want to scrape through 50 or 60 web pages to do thorough research for useful information?

The common misconception we often have is that the top Google results are the most credible. That assumption is only partly true, as businesses utilize their blog posts to get money.

Therefore, they invest in their marketing strategies and search engine optimizations. Also, websites with higher traffic stand higher in search result pages. Popularity never stays equal to truth.

As you scroll up and down and read tons of new concepts and tips, you may get lost and unable to differentiate what is right or misleading.

A lack of knowledge from the start guarantees a bitter end. Hence, you should find a mentor or a trainer from the beginning to draw out the strategies for opening and managing your online business.

It takes effort to do online businesses, so do not let those “get rich fast” people waste your time and money. Conveniently, we have reduced the hard work for you by summarizing the prospects you need to head for.

The hardest part is always the start. With courage and perseverance, you will make the change in your life. Step up and take some action!

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